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I am 30 years old.......I am not too small right now lol well I had my last child 8 months ago,so trying to get the motivation to lose the baby weight.Of course with this heart palp and junk I am scared to exercise much.11 years ago I saw a neurologist because of that first faint went for maybe 5 visits had the MRI,CAT SCAN,EEG after all that neuro told me " I think you should go see a psycharatrist".So I went to a state funded mental health office and was told by the psycaraitrist there "anxiety disorder and borderline agoraphobia" The man only listened to me for MAYBE 10 minutes and disgnosed me told me he would give me a script for anti anxiety meds BUT they have side effects which could just make my symptoms feel worse so hed rather not and I should get with support groups maybe and just face the anxiety and move on basicaly.I then saw a GP who sent me for an ekg which was fine and then he had me take a multiple choice test (where I had to fill in the little circles with pencil) After this test he too diagnosed me as "an anxiety disorder" and told me he thought all my troubles were mental rather then organic in nature.Life went on I faced the anxiety and started to get better after that hell year.Then as I said 6 years later it started again first with the a few faints and then to the ER with a doctor there doing nothing other then a pap smear (do not under stand the point in that lol) I guess because of the belly cramps before I fainted? He never checked my heart other then stehescope eventhough I told him my heart sropped or stopped before I fainted,and he told me maybe a virus was in me which caused it all and sent me on my way with pain killers which I never took.fainted two more times once out of nothing and the other during a misscarriage.In the ER during the misscarriage the doctor there told me he thought I was just "prone to faint" like people who fear needles and seeing blood....this seems all to ridiculous to me being I wouldfaint out of nowhere basicaly.I tried to speak more about with him,but as you know in the ER they tend to rush and he pretty much blew me off.Well then the anxiety got really bad again I was anxious all the time along with other physical things and clentching my teeth constant so I went to the a nurse who had her own office here in town and she gave me clonopin which took all that anxiety away right after the first dose then later down the road she gave me paxil.I took both daily paxil in the am and clonopin in the am and pm.My only complaint was I was tired allllllll the time even with low doses.Anyway other then that I was fine those two years,which could mean it is the whole problem,but it may not I have went years feeling fine before and no fainting and then it all starts again.This same nurse had an ekg done,and heart holter monitor to "rule out other causes before getting on anxiety meds" all normal .I eventualy ended up with a new GP doctor because the nurse retired.Anyway, the new GP said I shouldnt be taking the clonopin for as long as I had and she started me on zoloft and wanted me to wean off the clonopin.Well along came a surprise I was preg with my last child,so this GP wanted me off it all! So I weaned off both meds and I was fine during my entire pregnancy and up until 2 weeks ago when these palpitations,skippings,irregular rythms started and then the fear and anxiety has kicked in again with other physical symptoms ugh. I am so sorry this is so long ,I know you only asked a few questions.....I just tend to ramble especialy when anxious and scared :rolleyes: thanks Beth

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