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Okay I went up to 10 mg. of Lexapro now and I am completely off the Paxil. I am doing better in most areas than before, but I am still having the serious emotional and rage stage. The doctor reassured me that this should go away when the med is at it's peak time period. I hope so! I am ready to fight and I am not a fighter..:( I am not having the derealization problem so much now so that is a MAJOR PLUS :) I hope more people post about Lexapro and their experiences. I have started eating like I am going to starve...this is not too good since I have a thyroid issue also. EEk!
Im back! I am up to 20 mg of Lexapro now and I am in a weird place. I woke up feeling very suicidal (which is NOT normal for me). I have also been feeling my derealization more than normal and anxiety. I talked to my doctor and he said when the med gets to a stable dose this should go away???? This does NOT sound normal?
Do you have some Xanax to take while you are adjusting to your meds? I never had any luck with AD's for my anxiety problems, even after I took them for as long as the doctor told me to. I had bad withdrawal too. Now I just take Xanax only, as needed for my anxiety/panic/derealization. I think AD's can make it worse...just my opinion.
Hi. Thanks for the fast response :) I am on Xanax with it and it helps but I dont like taking meds at all. You suffer from derealization also? If so, what do u feel like cause it scares the crap outa me! I feel like if I had someone that I could talk to that has similar situation I would feel a lil better.
Derealization feels like I'm not really in my body, or the things around me seem surreal, like they are in a dream or like I'm watching a show, but not really there. It's hard to describe. Sometimes it feels like I'm moving like in an elevator or a boat, but my feet are firmly on the ground. I've had it for many years and it used to scare me too. I didn't even find out it was linked with anxiety until a few years ago. I used to think I was going crazy. The worst for me is when it happens when I'm driving. Any other place I can usually leave if it's really bothering me. Now that I know it's anxiety, I keep some Xanax in my purse and if I feel the derealization, I take a half a pill and melt it under my tongue and I feel better in about 15 minutes.

I can understand why you don't want to take meds, but thank goodness there is a drug that will get rid of this awful feeling. Try not to let the derealization scare won't hurt you. Sometimes if you just take deep, slow breaths, you can get rid of the feeling. It's just an overload of stress and your body is rebelling a little. You can read about derealization and depersonalization on the internet...and there are great books about anxiety and panic that can help you learn techniques to deal with panic without medication.

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