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I was on 30 mg. after taking 20 mg. of Paxil for years. (Not generic Paxil either). I had LOW sex drive the ENTIRE time and it was HORRIBLE. I tried to come off umpteenth times and started having head zaps at below 10mg. EVERYTIME! I went back up of course and this pattern followed many years. Then recently I said to myself that I have got to try this newer Lexapro with supposedly less sexual dysfunction. After seeing my doctor today about the problems I was having going up to 10 mg on Lexapro and down to 5 mg.on Paxil he said to go back to 5 mg. on Lexapro and take my Xanax. I am still on 5 of Paxil now also. I hope this all works out so I can have a normal sex life and feel sane. :D
I feel like I'm rambling on. I just want to add that I am 30 yrs. old and was diagnosed as major depressed with anxiety/panic attack from the time I was 11 yrs. old. I suffered my whole life though, and there is no apparent reason???? I do like hearing that I am not alone, but I am sad that there is sooo many of us. We have to stick together! :bouncing:
The thing that scares me is feeling like Im going to forget who I am while going through all this med. change. Is that normal? I told my roommate to not let me forget who I am. That really scares me!
I have had episodes in the past where I felt like I was dissociating or whatever it is called, but this is supposedly due to high anxiety. I feel like Im in a freakin bad dream or somethin'!
Kristycake - my sentiments exactly - it's almost of choice of feeling good mentally and emotionally and no sex life - or have a sex life and not feel so good mentally. It should not have to be this way! I do think the Lexapro did make my memory worse though, and also my concentration. Lex did not affect my Libedo - I just could not orgasm - which that in itself is just horrible for me!

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