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Thankyou for the swift reply.

I am even more confused by all of this now.....Can anyone advise if the following sounds familiar :

Started just over a week ago, as well as dealing with daily dizziness, headache came on, anxiety (daily) got worse, on Friday I just suddenly lost my appetite completely, my body felt tender to touch, my head/neck/back just felt sore. Over the past few days my I kept getting mild abdomen pains off and on. Nothing servere or cripling just noticable and annoying. By friday night, I ended up in E.R. Doctors didn't have a clue (surprise! surprise!) and insisted that I had food poisoning. The next morning (sorry for the detail), my stool was foul. Horrible smell, Light brown and runny. I have taken a sample of this and sent to the Pathology Lab at the hospital (still waiting for results!).

Anyway, I woke up Saturday morning, and the horrible sick feeling, body sensitivity etc. has gone. My stools still aren't normal (but aren't runny anymore). I still keep getting abdominal pains off and on. I had it this morning when I woke up. Trouble is, I dont know if thie pains are due to nerves/anxiety. What could this be?

I am thinking of going to see a Neutritionalist soon. Anyone recommend? Are they the best people to see. So far for this undiagnosed condition (well, I have been diagnosed with Vestibular Labyrinthitus) doctors just HAVENT GOT A CLUE.

Sorry to rant and go into such detail. Just needing help and advise.

I am also scared stiff that I will end up bed-bound or in a wheelchair. Is this possible since I have had this for over 2 years now but it hasn't happened so far? I think the fear of this happening is making me worse!

Take care,

Mike XXX

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