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Re: Update on me
Aug 24, 2005
Hello again
I am back from my doctors office.I had a different doc today my reg wasnt in so this one said "I can agree to having another holter monitor done to make sure everything is fine." So I go to pick up the monitor on the 31st.She also gave me a script for Lexapro which I started today.I will still take the Ativan when I feel its needed.I took one before bed last night thinking I better or I wont sleep lol.Anyway,knowing I will have this looked into again eases my mind at least a bit.I hope it comes out all ok.If it does I will have to stop this obsessing over a heart issue and hopefully the meds will help me to stop obsessing altogether.If I am fine then I am one anxiety sufferer/stress sufferer who HAS fainted from it and crazy heart disturbances.I do know actual fainting is rare though,so please nobody else worry I worry enough for us all lol

awn you are right it is a lousey way to live for me it isnt really living my life it is waking everyday(if i sleep at all) to just obsess and worry another day and night away.I hope you are getting help too.

thanks everyone...
comptons...thanks for being reassuring
Re: Update on me
Aug 24, 2005
awww MJ I am so sorry your having a ruff time.It does suck for it to hit big just as soon as ya think things are going pretty good.I want to say though try not to give up on diet and exersice it is helpful.I have started walking I didnt think I would make it a mile but I have been doing 6 miles a day.I havent done it today though hoping to go after dinner,but this Lexapro I started taking has me a bit hot ,dizzy and headachy so we will see. I agree on therapy if it doesnt do the job maybe you should try another med.I couldnt imagine being stuck around crowds all the time ugh!I hate even being in a mall for very long when it is really busy I panic and WANT OUT! lol I have wanted to push people down to get through lol. I swear im a nice person ;)
I know what ya mean too about worrying of catching others illnesses just today at the doctors this woman had her daughter there because she had been vomitting all night and went to vomit in the bathroom there ugh not something I wanted to hear lol.....then her mom says "yeah well she was playing with her baby neice all night and now her neice is in the hospital with spinal menengitis!!!!!" I thought OMG and here I am sitting in this waiting room near this girl with 2 of my kids! I had to tell myself though that chances were small my kids or me would get it and to chill out .A nurse heard her tell me that and rushed her in the back .I think you are right though you have alot going on right now so it is triggering the anxiety/panic.I hope you can find time to relax maybe breakaway to some unbusy place.

I prob didnt help but I do hope it gets better soon

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