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Please help..
Aug 25, 2005
Here is my story..perhaps someone can shed some light or offer words of wisdom...

About 2 years ago I was at home relaxing. I had been having PVCs (didnt know what they were at the time - called them flutters) for weeks prior. For years I was told that my high heart rate and other symptoms were panic attacks. So anyway, I was sitting there and all of a sudden my HR shoots up to about 150. I drove myself to the ER when ativan did not help. My HR was sustained at no lower than 140 for over 4 hours. I had 2 EKGs which were normal. At one point my BP dropped to about 50/30 and I almost passed out. The FINALLY gave me propranolol and my HR went back to normal. That night I wore a holter monitor, and the next day had an echo. Lots of blood tests. After all this the cardio said I had SVT and probably have had it for years as it is often confused with anxiety/panic. Once the dose was adjusted (I take 120mg propranolol a day), my life changed for the better, I got pregnant, and the anxiety and high HR basically went away.

Well, about 3-4 months after having the baby the PVCs got worse. Maybe 10 a day on average. I started taking fish oil and a calcium/magnesium supplement. They got better and was only getting them maybe twice a day. But the past few days I have felt them more..back to about 10-15 a day. My HR is low - about 60. And sometimes when I feel my pulse it seems to beat normal..and then 3 faster or harder beats..and normal again. But I dont know if this is just in my head. Regardless of what cardio said, I know I have signifcant anxiety. I do take klonopin for this and see a counsler. I call my Drs and they basically say I am fine. But when I talked to the EP office yesterday she wasnt even looking at my chart.

Do you think I need more tests? Or do I need to finally just come to terms with this and chill? If so, HOW?? Can anyone offere any advice here??

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