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Hi, there. I have had anxiety/Panic Attacks for 15 yrs since the age of 19 and I can tell you there is no over night trick to this thing.
I have read books and seen people and it doesn't go away. Hell I went as far as seeing Anthony Robbins and he can't do [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] about Panic Attacks. He is the guru when it comes to people's troubles and especially things that control our minds. Tony is full of bolony. He is a great person but I can't believe he can't help me. I have taken Celexa, Lexapro and now I take Xanax. All drugs do is give us a crutch so we can lean on them for help. Humans have been faced with anxiety and most of us cannot handle the fear or their symptoms. Like your heart beating 160 to 200 beats per minute while you are just sitting on the coach doing nothing. Or you think you are dying for no apparent reason. How can any book help? Well, I think what I have learned in 15 yrs of going thru Anxiety attacks and such is that you have to keep talking to yourself in a positive manner like, "everything is fine, I've had this before and I came thru it just fine." or this too shall pass is another good one. I am not saying everything is hopeless so don't try new things, just that you can only depend on YOU change your mind about what is going on. Books can be great way to understand what is going on with your mind and body and why you feel the way you do. Dr. Claire Weekes is probably the best of them all. She has a way of making the panic attacks seem like cartoons. She explains that your heart can beat 200 bpm for weeks if it had to without any damage to the heart muscle. And you know what? It's frikin true. I recommend you pick up a book by her for sure. You want to be a success please keep in mind that some think drugs are the way which is a joke but they help and anyone can take them and they work on some and not on other's. Xanax is something I take but maybe 10 times a month if that. I only take 0.25mg and my doctor even said you might not even feel that cause it's such a low dose. I cannot and will not be taking Xanax like it's Tylenol. I stopped taking Lexapro and Celexa and soon will be off the Xanax too. Drugs are crutches and that's fine that is why I take it. It's like breaking a leg. If you have a broken leg you need a wheel chair or a crutch to get around and it's no different for drugs. Think of drugs this way, they help I agree with that but what did people do 1000 yrs ago hell how about 100 yrs ago? I am proud of myself and others that get off the drugs slowly. Books can help but if you want real true always lasting results you have to have faith in yourself and God. Ohh talking to family is a big help obviously. Take care and good luck to you and all who read this.

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