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Hi I am new to this website, i read some of the symptoms that people with inner ear and anxiety sufferers had and the symptoms seem to sound the same. my symptoms if any one could help me out are:
lightheadedness since January' 05
the vertigo type - i had one dizzy spell on aug. 9 and since then it has i think brought on worse sensations in my head, I guess from lack of sleep and heavy periods. It was awful, now when I put my head in certain positions it makes my head feel giddy and off balance.
heavy headed, pressure a the back of my head almost constantly
fullness in my left ear and left side of my head feels fuller than right side
headaches now and again
reading the different threads i found out i had ocd, this started when my cousin passed away from a heart attack, i thought i was going to have it too, obsessed about it and now it started into other intrusive thougths, that are quite uncomfortable at times, i dont know if this would contribute to anxiety.
i've had about 3 panic attacks hasnt happened since march this year
also now i feel like there is a lot of activity in my brain/head goes on like i can feel more things happening. not sure how to explain but feels like there is a lot going on. Sometimes I feel like I have clear times and other times it would feel like my eyes, front part of my head is busy i have to concentrate a little harder at times. i am functioning and all its just disturbing. i have to sit down when that happens. i thought i was going to lose my mind or something.
foggy brain, poor concentration at times, like i'm about to forget things but i never do forget...... just feels like it.
muscle twitches all over
shoulders hurt and sore
i have put on 15 lbs since this year, working out has been a problem as my head just feels really light, this has upset me too as i normally work out
for quite sometime i would wake up at 3:00 in the morning, i'm able to sleep now.
thank the Lord, without Him seriously i dont know how i could cope with all this.
saw an ent and a neurologist they said i am fine!!! blood work came out normal. tried herbal meds did not help i think it only made matters worse, i have coem off them as a result.
dr. put me on ativan at 1 mg one point didnt help me made things worse for me, didnt even use all of it.
i barely go out again, my folks think i've become anti social - i didnt tell them what has been happening to me, dont want them to worry
but the only time i would feel fine is when i lie down.
i just want my head to feel normal again...
hope i made sense.....

p.s. prior to this i have never had any anxiety, ocd issues before!!! i'm 28

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