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Hello my name is Christina, Im 29 and have BAD anxiety that was daignosed in 2000 with GAD but Ive had it my whole life I believe :rolleyes: . I can tell you that I suffer from Hypocondria and constantly feel like Im going to die :eek: . Every pain is a serious illness and Im scared to take pills, SO my anxiety isnt getting any better :confused: . I have 4 children so I NEED to get rid of the anxiety :) but I have a mental block that if I take meds I will feel worse :confused: . Ive been on Xanax, Paxil, and Celexa. I took the Xanax and Paxil together for a week and felt SO sick and believe it was from the Paxil so I was taken off both and put on Celexa which helped a bit. I took it for 6 months then stopped because I developed blurred vision. So I havent taken anything for 5 years! I can tell you after I give birth it gets 10 times worse for some reason :confused: . I get blood work alot which shows nothing, Im fine. I feel horrible though. I have GERD and IBS :o . I just had my 4th baby 6 weeks ago and Ive been a basketcase since! Ive had several panic attacks out of the blue and constant anxiety symptoms.

Can anyone relate?

Here are my symptoms I have on a daily basis:

Lightheaded 24/7
Feel bug eyed
Chest pains
Lump in throat
Upset stomach
Doom 24/7

Gerd symptoms 24/7, constant burping, chest discomfort, sore throat, and ear pain :o .

ALSO Ive been getting freaked out over a new symptom. It feels like head rushes, is this anxiety?

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