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I recently began suffering from severe palpitations (PVC's & PAC's). Had all kinds of tests & they found nothing wrong with my heart.

These palps cause frantic panic attacks for me; I've gone to the ER, etc.

The doctor suggested 25 mg. Atenolol. But I'm paranoid to take it because I already have fairly low BP (average 105/65). On the flip side, I have heard that it can really help with the palpitations (and therefore, the anxiety & panic that comes with).

I recently tried Lexapro for the anxiety but had a terrible reaction to it.

I'd really be grateful for any further info about atenolol.

Thank you very much :angel:
Thank you, both of you, for replying so quickly.

Nangaroo, I experience so much of what you mentioned. I am deathly afraid to try another anti-anxiety med after the Lexapro episode, which was just a couple of days ago. Which leaves me even MORE afraid of the atenolol (or any other new med, for that matter).

The PAC's & PVC's practically paralyze me sometimes - I don't even want to make plans to travel anymore or other fun things that I used to enjoy.

But I can't imagine living the rest of my life like this, and really want to get up the nerve to try the atenolol. I've had 3 doctors tell me that it will probably help me - yet, I'm paranoid.

Well, hopefully we can just do it, and have great results! If I do try it - I will definitely post.
Wow, there are more & more of us suffering through these same things.

I really hope the Zoloft helps you. I did try Lexapro but it made things worse, bad enough for me to stop it after 3 days; so hopefully I can try something else.. who knows, my doctor may want to try Zoloft next for me.

I guess I will probably give the Atenolol a try; anything to feel better would be such a blessing. I hate feeling like this - nobody understands, unless they have this problem.

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