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I'm taking it that your young right? Not sure of your age but if your in your teens your body is still growing and you can be achy from "growing pains" Under your ribs are muscles sweetie. Yes, water can help you, drink LOTS of it. I have anxiety and I highly believe the best way to relieve it is to face things head on. Go to the doctor and get checked if you have the fear. If you EVER think you have a disease the get checked, a doctor can only make you live longer with medication. I am not a doctor so I can not advise you on anything. Go get checked, there are Sooooo many things out there a person can get it's a roulette. Your body just may need some exercise too. If you lie around and do nothing your body will stiffen up and ache. Good luck. I hope you make the soccor team!

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