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I just want to know if it's just me that finds I really can't handle the heat. When it's hot (and especially when it's humid) I start to feel like I can't breathe properly and that my body is straining to work at all

I can't relax properly when it's nice outside (I don't mean when it's 30 degrees but even 24/25 is too hot)

It wasn't always this way - I walked the Great Wall of China in 42 degree heat and 90% humidity but ever since I started getting anxiety (and occasionally panic attacks, though they are much more mild and less often these days :) ) the heat really gets to me

My heart gets faster and my veins pop out (especially on my hands) and my face goes red - but I don't sweat at all. I might get a bit sticky but everywhere around me I see people sweating and there's me just red-faced and on the verge of gasping for air

Is this at all common with other anxiety sufferers?

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