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has anyone been called to jury duty while dealing wit this crap? I have been called at the end of September. Things have been so bad with me lately regarding panic and anxiety, I am having a really hard time getting through my days at work without several Xanax and I am TERRIFIED of being called to a jury.

So, I wrote my dr a heartfelt letter thinking this would be a good opportunity for me to do that since I rarely visit him and almost ALWAYS forget to tell him how i really fele. So in my letter (I kept if to two paragraphs), I tell him things have been very bad altely and I am planning on seeing a therapist as well as making an appointment with him next week to see what i can do as far as treatment. I told him about the jury duty and told him honestly that right now I do not feel like I can sit through a trial in the state I am in, and asked him if he could write me a medical disqualification so i can get treatment and get on with things. I made sure to tell him PLEASE do not think gthis is a cop-out on my part, I really want to get help and it is time for me, but jury duty is not something I can handle right now.

So, after receiving my letter, he has his nurse call me (who was very rude) and she is clearly reading from some notes he wrote down for her. To sum up, his "notes" said he will not disqualify me from jury duty, but he will write me a postponement. However, I need to "get over my panic because I need to serve jury duty," (word for word) and that he is going to prescribe me clonazepam instead of Xanax.

First of all, if he would have consulted his notes, he would have seen that I have taken every benzo including clonazepam, and have quit everyone and went back to Xanax because it is the only thing that works for me. Changing my damn meds every time I am going through a hard patch is not the [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]answer!!

Second, I am really upset that he had his rude and stupid nurse (who by the way does not know the difference between alprazolam and lorazepam) call me, and I am embarrassed that she knows about this very personal letter I had written to him as well as my personal and embarrassing issue that i can't even handle jury duty.

Third, and this is the worst of all, I cannopt believe he told me I need to "get over my panic..." this from the dr I have been going to for 3 years because of this anxiety. If i have ever been motivated to fnd another doc it is NOW. The onyl reason I go to that office is because he is not reluctant to prescribe benzos, and I'm scared I will have a hard time finding another doc who will. Clearly though, i need to find someone more understanding and someone who looks at the bigger picture, maybe I need more help than just meds.

Am I overreacting here or wouold you guys be mad too?

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