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Is this anxiety?
Sep 2, 2005
Hi everyone!

I have been surfing the internet a lot lately to come up with an answer to what is going on with me. I keep coming back to this site and wondering is anxiety my problem. I have had anxiety in the past but never to this level

I am 49 years old and I have lost 2 sisters at the age of 55. They both got illness while in their 40's. It's always been in the back of my mind. I don't sit around thinking about dying. But I do worry about every ache and pain I get.

I have been having weird sensations in my head and my sometimes I get a buzzing sensation in different parts of my body. My head seems to feel somewhat numb only on right side it starts in neck which feels thick for lack of a better word. It travel up the back of my head affectt the temple goes to the top of head. My eye has sensation as well , it feel like it is dry. Sometimes I feel pressure on top of my head on both sides. There isn't a lot of pain just a tingling tignt feeling. It feels like I have a cap on. I know this is a symptom of tension headache but I don't have a lot of pain in shoulders.
I have occasionally when i stand up it feels i get a pain on top of head and iin the forehead region a throb which last about a minute or less and i hear whooshing in ears. Which makes outside noises seem to fluctuate and then I have a dull ache for about 30 minutes.

I have also have had buzzing sensation in different areas in my body. Of course I worried about MS, Brain tumor and just about anything elese that can affect the nerve endings.

I have seen pcp, neurologist, neuro opthalmologis and a new pcp, orthodondist for tmj, ent thinking maybe sinsus. I have had 2 mri of head and spinal tap. Mri did have a few white spot(unspecified). But spinal tap was normal. My neuro thinks white spots are do to my hypertenstion. My second pcp changed my bp meds from beta blocer to diovan as beta blockers can have cns side effects. She is also having me nose sprayand singlair to see if allergies is the problem. Next week I will try a prescription anti inflamatory and muscle relaxant to see if those help the problem.

As scroll the threads on here it appears that others seem to have some of my symptoms. I'm wondering if I have been missing the big picture here and been focusing on every little thing and not looking at what could really be causing these symptoms.

Any insight anybody is willing to share with me will be appreciated. I am at my wits end and I just want to feel normal again. Thank You! Bonnie

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