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Anxiety Triggers
Sep 5, 2005
I've noticed that most people with panic and anxiety have certain situational triggers that cause them to experience symptoms.

There are things that I stress about and things that I worry about. But I don't really have a trigger for my anxiety. There is nothing happening in my life that hasn't happened before or is any more stress than things I've experienced in the past. I have only recently been having panic attacks for which I use 5mg of Lexapro.

I suppose the fear of anxiety itself is what drives it. There is always this cloud over me and when I do certain things I worry about having an attack. Is there anyone who relates to this?

Also, someone mentioned hyperventilation syndrome on another thread and it does sound like what I experience. On the other hand, it sounds A LOT like a panic attack as well. So are these two simply related? Does the fact that I don't have anxiety over any one thing mean that I lean more towards hyperventilation syndrome than anxiety?

This past weekend when I tried lowering my dose to 2.5mg I experienced chest pain and shortness of breath the entire weekend. Is this normal in terms of a panic attack that lasts all day long?

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