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Hi Biya
Just went through a spell kinda similiar. I had chest pain under the sternum area and was constantly having breathing problems. I also had facial numbness. Went to ER after about 2 weeks of this. Had an EKG and was deemed OK. In the back of my head I knew it was anxiety, but the physical complaints were so bad. After about another 2 weeks they faded away. (And we all know another round of some new inexplicable symptoms will appear in the future!!! LOL!)
Since you already have been checked out by the docs, I think you might want to find comfort that you are physically OK. And start things that help calm down your nervous system. Take care!
Yes, I've had my tongue break out in a rash that felt like I burned it with a hot drink, only instead of getting better like a burn would, it got worse. This happened to me in college and my mother sent me to our dentist (not sure why). He said it is a very common reaction to high stress and anxiety. He told me to rinse my mouth with very hot salt water, several times a day. I started getting better right away after this.

I've also had all the other things you describe at one time or another. It seems when I'm under stress, then things start happening to me breakouts in weird places, ear pain, urinary tract problems, headaches, muscle spasms/stiffness, chest pain, joint pains, etc., etc. After having anxiety problems for so many years and going to doctors and finding nothing is wrong, I just treat my anxiety with Xanax, as needed, and pain medication for the physical stuff and I feel better pretty soon. I try to never get trapped by the obsessive thinking that I might be only makes it worse.

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