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Re: Hi Everyone
Sep 12, 2005
I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder 12 years ago.I fainted with seizure activity and then loads of physical anxiety symptoms followed for an entire year it was daily.I was tested for all kind of things everything comming out normal,during all this I thought I had a brain tumor and obsessed over this.I was borderline agoraphobic.Finaly I just started taking baby steps without meds or therapy and got through it and felt mostly good for about 5 to 6 years and then it hit me again.The anxiety attacks were comming back and I fainted again 4 more times in a 2 yr period and had loads of physical symptoms again some new some old and of course mental symptoms.
This time I told myself something had to be done I couldnt keep up with my kids and I just wasnt able to do my daily things.I went to my doctor and got meds and got better again.I had to wean off the meds during my last pregnancy and I stayed off up until a month ago the anxiety came back once again this time it was obsessing over heart palpitations I started having when laying in bed so I have had a heart holter monitor and waiting for the results.I suspect it may come back fine. I had one done yrs back because of the fainting along with an ekg,eeg,mri,blood work.........I dont want anyone to worry about fainting though please it is rare to happen from anxiety.I was told from a few doctor it is due to the anxiety and stress.As I said though I dont want to frighten anyone into thinking it will happen to them because chances are it never will.
This has been a ruff road for me ,but I am grateful that it does come and go for me instead of never ending.I have months to years of almost no anxiety at all and thank God for the meds! they help me to pick myself up again also deep breathing sometimes helps.

here is a list of the symptoms I can remember right now:
derealization (feeling in a dream/things not real)
feeling drunk or drugged up
sharp pains that move around (usualy the left side of my body)
chest pain/preassure
hot flushy
shallow breathing
upset stomach
clenching teeth
nausea sensation in mouth
tensed muscles
obsessing over my health (searching the net and thinking the worst)never believeing the doctors
ringing in ears
fainting (very sick after with alot of the other symptoms i listed)
thinking everyone dislikes me or is watching me

im sure I have missed some symptoms,but these are the ones that stick out in my mind the most.I am now taking Lexapro 10 mg in the am's and Lorazepam (Ativan) 0.5 mg as needed ,which I usualy take one every night before bed or I notice heart palps and hot flushing ,anxiousness and cant sleep.Some of my symptoms are due to stress,but I think anxiety and stress go hand and hand.

positive self talk and therapy,self helps books,keeping busy,exercise,and meds if needed all help.I havent been in therapy because I usualy do not have health insurance.

thanks for making this thread and taking the time to read my post :wave:

good luck to everyone with getting better.........Beth

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