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[QUOTE=young momma]I am taking effexor xr (75mg). I have been on them for two months now. I was put on it for my anxiety. I feel normal again. With any drug you are prescribed you are taking risks. Even birth control pills have DEATH as a possible side effect. All people are different. Everything we take can effect us all differently. I have 4 more months to go. Then, I'm done with them. Just long enough to get my sanity back again.

Thank you for sharing. It's a shame they aren't working how you had hoped. I did hear someone say that effexor may work too well. I have heard that it takes your passion away. I won't be on them very long. Hopefully that don't happen to me.[/QUOTE]

I agree with young mama. These are in fact drugs we are takeing, they are not natural, there is nothing natural about them. They don't grow out of the garden, there are going to be side effects as with any drug. They haven't been on the market long enough to study long term effects of the drugs. I remember when I first was given celexa and I tried to go off it, at the time there was very little about withdrawl from these drugs. I had more then one doctor tell me that sorry withdrawl is not a side effect of the drug. My response was, Sorry but I know my body. I've been on celexa, xannax, zoloft, tried welbutrin and now I'm trying effexor. After a while your body does adjust to what you are taking and I believe you have to change "brands" to get the same effectiveness. yes I belive that it can cause you to loose some drive for life, as I went from being beautiful, skinny and someone who took good care of their hair and body to someone who now is overweight (cut me a little slack I just had a baby), and hasn't had enough drive to grow out her hair in over five years so no matter how hard I try I get up in the morning and think this is too much work, what little can I get buy with today in the grooming department.
I also realize it's not just the meds fault. As we get older we gain alot more responsiblility. I married and bought a house at 20. Worked full time was married and went to collage two to three nights a week for four years. Then decided to have a baby and the doc said zoloft was the most studied SSRI to take durring pregnancy. I trusted my doc with all my heart and stayed on zoloft, durring my pregnancy I had to increase my dose once from 100 to 150 and then postpartum from 150-200 the max dose you can be on. I now have a extreamly healthy 3mo old little girl who was born four weeks early due to toximeia, but has had absolutly no birth defects or mental problems from me being on the ssri, I even breastfed for the first two weeks while I was on zoloft. The first few days home from the hospital, all I did was cry, I would break down in the middle of a converasation and cry for no reason, this feeling of being extreamly uncontrollably scared would come over me. that's why we upped my zoloft, that helped alot! not sure what I would have done without it as I could hardly function, I kept expecting my huband to yell at me and say grab ahold of yourself!!! he never did, he just kept reminding me that I am a good mother. Mostly I was scared because she was sooo tiny, she was about 5lbs when we brought her home. I was scared that I would do something and hurt her without realizing it, as a year ago someone had let my dog out of the house without me knowing it and I had ran over him. I loved him like he was my firstborn. All I could think about was how I was afraid I'd hurt her like I hurt him, so even though the zoloft helped I decided to add xannax so I could get more then an hours sleep at a time.

I am now trying effexor for the problem that I have such a hard time getting up in the morning. I was hopeing the norepinephrine would give me back my drive and concentration. but regardless of wether I take the drug or don't take the drug either way I've got to deal with something. I'd much rather take the drug and be calm enough to think things through then to be hyper over react and cause irreversable damage from anxiety and panic attacks. I've decided that I need to realize that life is hard, no matter how we look at it, we have to decide how much were going to put into it. I've blamed everything else for my weight gain and my looks going down hill, and my sometimes unorganized house and various other things on everything but me, now I've decided I'm still going to take my meds, cause lord (and my husband) know I need them but I'm tired of being a result of my condition and I'm going to start being a survivor of my condition.

(sorry for the book but I think these message boards are just as good as any shrink! it's nice to get it off your chest!)

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