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Here is a letter I wrote my mom today who also suffers from severe dizziness and vertigo. Any input would be appreciated...

Hi Mom

I just wanted to touch base with you again and thank you for the information regarding your dizzy spells and also tell you that I have begun taking Singulair which has really worked well for my pollen/pet allergies. On another note and regarding my dizziness/vertigo, in the beginning, I had no problem with drinking alcohol but after continued use (unlike years ago when I used to drink), I would wake up with severe dizziness after an evening of drinking. Then, it got worse and I would get dizzy in the evenings once the alcohol wore off. Sometimes the dizziness would be very alarming - to the point where I was close to going to the ER. I don't understand how years ago I was able to put down a whole case of beer every night for a year and a half and feel just fine but this "time around", I have just 3-4 beers and I get really dizzy a few hours later. Perhaps I have an underlying condition that is being exaserbated by the alcohol but I've had a zillion tests and everything always comes back "normal". Anyway, the good news is that I've been drinking less and less and am not drinking at all now because of this. About a week ago I begged God to help me stop drinking. Looks like I'm getting my wish but OUCH!...I just hope the dizziness is nothing serious.

I also get pricking, tingling, hot flashes, numb spots, muscle tremors/spasms, tickling, fluttering in ears, and all kinds of other crazy things from time to time. Sometimes I feel like something sinister is brewing inside me but all tests seem to show that I'm the perfect picture of health so who knows. Even anxiety sufferers get sick sometimes.

On another note, I do take a 1mg Lorazepam every morning at about 8-9AM and begin drinking at about 3:00PM (3-4 beers or a couple glasses of gin and soda). I've often thought that perhaps the Lorazepam and alcohol were interacting and causing my dizziness but that does'nt make any sense because I usually take a second 1mg Lorazepam again in the evenings and I actually feel slightly better (you'd think if the Lorazepam/alcohol mixture were to blame I'd actually get dizzier!). Also, years ago when I used to drink (I quit for several years) I would pop a benzo here and there and NEVER had any dizziness or vertigo. What's changed here???.

Here is what my mother wrote in response to another email (not this one) that I wrote her last week regarding her own symptoms...

"...I'm sorry you are bothered with vertigo. It's an awful thing. I've had it off and on for twenty years. It bothers me at peak allergy seasons. I take Clarinex and if it gets really bad I take Entex LA too".

I'm clueless at this point. I used to drink and never got dizzy but after quiting and then starting up again years later, I can't drink two beers without feeling like I'm going to pass out once the "hangover" kicks in. I also get a ton of anxiety and other weird symptoms during my hangovers. what's wrong with this picture. Please help if you can!!

- Thank's, Lonely (and dizzy!) Traveler

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