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I was wondering if anyone that has taken Zoloft for anxiety has started having panic attacks after starting on the Zoloft? I took zoloft for over two years. Durring that two years it did help with anxiety. However, after being on it for a couple months (not sure exactly how long) I started experiencing panic attacks. Not realizing that it might be the meds, I talked to my GP and he said lets up the zoloft, zoloft is for anxiety, if we up it we may be able to get rid of your panic attacks and in the mean time here is some xanax. Well when I get worked up I mean I get worked up, It got to the point I would have to take 1mg of xanax to calm me down even then it would take an hour or more to help. Then I got pregnant and couldn't take the xanax. Fastforward to after delevery and the baby's nurse made a comment about how do I like zoloft and did I take it while pregnant? yes I said and she said she was on celexa and that she tried zoloft but it made her have panic attacks. I was like REALLY? Then I got to thinking, I never had them before the zoloft. I also read Brooke Sheilds book on Down Came the Rain, about postpartum depression. She made me ralize in her book that I was having such a hard time getting up and fuctioning in the morning because of the zoloft, she didn't specifi what med made her like this but I had the same problem on zoloft. I would get up at five or six and then not actully be awake until about noon. So after asking for more xanax after a recent panic attack the doc said no, I was like please it's not like I'm addicted! So I went back to my OBGYN and asked her if I could try Effexor, I hear it also helps with Norepeninehrine and people with ADHD. So I went on that and haven't had a panic attack since! Nor do I get nearly as worked up over situations that before would have me in a complete fit.
Anyone else have anxiety go on zoloft then experience anxiety attacks???? :confused:

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