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1) painful spots that feel like they are on the inside of my head
2) Spot on my neck that when I push sends the pinching feeling up my head
3) terrible mood swings
4)head feels like it has a heart beat in many places
5)trouble breathing
6)moments where i feel like I may pass out
7) clicking sound in my head

If anyone has any comments or can relate [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR], I am scared. I know I have posted many times but I keep getting worse, withthe fear that I have a brain tumour.
[COLOR=Blue]I am on Ativan, Prozac and Zyban. I hate the way the Prozac makes me have these weird dreams. I use the Ativan for the panic attacks and it works great for me. The weirdest anxiety related feeling I have is that if I take off the sun glasses that I wear on my head, then the top of my head is going to fly off I also can feel every internal organ known to man shaking uncontrollably inside my body. Sweaty and cold all over. Tingling sensation. Eyes "jumping" in place or shaking. My surroundings seem to loose color and everything is in grey/black/white tones. I tend to loose the ability to hear (or i block out the noise, not sure which one). Heart races so fast I can not count fast enough to keep up with it. these are just a few of my favorite things...I also have a tendency to begin pinching/playing with my bottom lip and I dont even realize it until much later when I have pinched/played with it so much it is swollen. The whole "numb""disconnected" feeling is the worst for me though. There is a song I play when/IF I notice some of the symptoms getting stronger (as they are normally with me constantly) its favorite verse is...I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell...(it sometimes helps)[/COLOR]

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