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Thank you for the replies & I will definately want to correspond with each of you. So heres a little about my battle with the "beast". I have had anxiety most of my life but have always just dealt with it in one way or another. Than in 2000 I had a bout of insomnia that put me over the edge & I was prescribed Paxil w/ xanax "chaser" within a week I was completely out of control, panicking every second & too afraid to take more xanax (very med phobic) went to another (new) Dr. & he changed me to zoloft & klonopin. after several weeks of hellish symptoms I started feeling "normal" again & no longer needed the klonopin. Well because of my strong convictions in Gods healing power I stayed on the med for only 6 months (against my Drs orders) & then weaned off of it. Two months pass & I am in the throws of anxiety all over again. Back to zoloft & xanax this time....same symptoms (maybe to a lesser degree) and then back to "normal" So like a real idiot that I am I stay on it this time only 10 months (go ahead, ask me whats wrong with my thinking) & this time I actually make it 4 months before crashing...that brings us to Sept of 2003. Go back to zoloft & again the same symptoms & after 4 weeks feeling great again. This time I stay on it for two years!!!! Back last Dec. I thought I would try going down to 25mgs from 50mgs to see if I could lose some weight & did fine all the way to April. In April I realize that I have been forgetting to take the zoloft sometimes as many days as three in a row! I think hmmmmmm.....maybe I am really healed this time.....DOPE!!! I go from April till August when it all comes crahing down around me again. Oh between all these going back onto the med. I tried Lexapro for a week & couldn't see that the side effects were any less so went back to zoloft. & this time I tried Effexor xr for a week & that made me feel like I was a ZOMBIE!!! so dr. told me to go back to zoloft & again I have klonopin as my chaser.
ARE YOU ALL TIRED OF READING YET? So that brings me to today. I have been on zoloft 50mgs for 4 weeks as of tomorrow & really do not feel the way I have in the past. Please God let it work! I am practically home bound by this...have no motivation to go or do anything (thank God I am a stay at home mom. Although all my kids are either out of the house or in school all day. My oldest (daughter) is married 23yrs old, next is 15 yr old daughter in 10th grade & my youngest is 13 & in the 8th grade.
I am a HYPOCHONDRIAC & so my symptoms are all of everything any of you have had & more.
I won't bore you anymore with my can you all tell me yours? If you would like to e-mail me my address is [i] [ please read and follow the posting rules - no emails ] [/i]
God Bless you all

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