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Hi! I was wondering if this could possibly be anxiety.

My shoulder muscles are really 24/7. My hands are usually constantly shaking too. Sometimes it's not visible to the eye, but if I'm holding a utensil or piece of paper you can tell I'm shaking.

I have neck issues, which I'm going to a chiropractor for. I have been doing this "traction treatment" which pulls my neck into that could be a possiblity..but who knows.

I know I suffer from anxiety. Yet, I have not been diagonosed...mainly because I'm scared to go see a doctor AND my family believes nothing is wrong with me.

I am always in a panic over my health..from thinking I have a brain tumor, to MS, to pretty much anything in the book. I hate having to live like this because I'm sick of worrying! I have bought books on Anxiety before but reading them doesn't seem to soothe my mind.

I'm going to start an exersice program, tomorrow actually, because I've heard that helps people with anxiety calm their minds.

I'm just scared about my shaking hands...what else could it be? In my mind I have like a brain tumor pressing on my brain which is causing my hands to shake...

Does this sound familiar to anyone?! Any information would be appreciated!! THANK you sooo much!

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