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What do you think?
Sep 21, 2005
I know this decision is ultimately mine to make but I'm at a loss here. I need some input from others. I have anxiety and the occassional panic attack. My anxiety started out being controlled with Xanax .25mg taken as needed. I did this for about three months then I started taking .25mg everyday because my anxiety was getting worse. I then went up to taking it twice a day and have been there ever since. It was working for me really well and my doctor said it was fine.

Well back in February I tried taking Paxil CR. I lasted 8 days on it and had to get off. My anxiety was far too high and I had horrible side effects. I couldn't function enough to take care of my one year old daughter. Ever since my doctors have pushed other SSRI's on me but I have refused. I'm terrified of taking another and having the same side effects. I'm a stay at home mom and need to be able to take care of my daughter. While on the Paxil CR I couldn't even take care of myself, let alone her too.

However, lately my anxiety has been really, really high. I started therapy about three months ago and it is helping some. I still take my Xanax twice a day (.5mg's total) and don't feel as though its giving me enough relief. My doctor has offered to prescribe me Celexa or Lexapro. He said I could choose which one I want to try. At first I said no way, but now I'm thinking that maybe I don't have a choice.

It scares me to think of having to take one. I would like to have another child next year and starting an SSRI puts that on hold and I don't want to be on any meds while pregnant. I'm really scared about this.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Success or horror stories? I know everyone is different. I'm just having a really hard time getting over this battle and I'm afraid I need something more than Xanax.

If I take it, what should I expect? Will it be similar to the Paxil CR? Is it really hard to get off these drugs? And how long are you typically on them before being able to get off? Does it change you as a person, other than taking away anxiety?

Sorry for so many questions! I've talked to my doctor but he isn't much help. He just pushes the meds over and over again and doesn't really answer my questions.

Thanks for your time....

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