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I know what ur thinking, another post from me, I'm sorry. Ok, here it goes. I have been back and forth between doctor visits. I have gotten two blood tests, both have come back fine. The doctors see nothing to convince them to run tests for a brain tumour, here is what is wrong with me. I have these odd tender spots on different parts of my head some hurt to touch, others when I push them send an odd shooting pain through my head. Then there are some when I touch them feel like I am playing with a nerve and give me an odd sensation. My neck also has sore spots and really hurts at times. My arms hurt as well. My face is sometimes numb and my head feels like it has many heartbeats. When I go from sitting to standing, this heartbeat feeling really kicks in. I have heard a clicking in my head and my jaw is stiff. It feels I swear as though there is something in my head. I often feel confused and as though I am in a dream or dizzy. I also have been vomiting up a clear liquid. Any comments would be greatly appreciated, I am terrified daily. If this helps with anything, I beleive I may have herpes. Please help I keep thinking I am dying.

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