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Hi all --

Since about two years ago or so, I have started feeling spacey and a sort of "out of it" feeling...I am not quite sure how to explain it. It is as if I am slightly drunk without having consumed alcohol (if that makes sense)...I am also really lighteaded when this "out of it" feeling occurs (it's sort of liek if I get up too fast I see black for a few seconds, and once I fell and I felt extremely nauseaus & dizzy & saw black for about a minute of two).

This feeling occurs usually for a few days at a time (it usually goes away late at night about 1 or 2 hours before I go to bed and then comes back right when I wake up)...I'll get this feeling one week and the next week i will be fine (i'd say I have this "out of it" feeling maybe 50% of the time for days at a time) doesn't seem to be connected to any specific events or my stress level, it just comes and goes

I dread getting this feeling becuase it affects my concentration (especially w/ schoolwork, I find that it is difficult to write coherent essays and study when I get this feeling and i usually only get a clear mind late at night if it goes away) and it makes me feel really weird and not myself when I'm with others

I think it may be anxiety but I'm not sure. I always feel extremely worried and stressed out daily, whether I have that spacey "out of it" feeling or not, and I find myself crying or getting into fights with my mom or my boyfriend about the pettiest things...I'm constantly stressed out about something

I'm not sure if this physical "out of it" feeling and my being stressed out are linked at all, or if the "out of it feeling" is some other condition (although I've been to the doctor a few times about this and she can't find anything physically wrong with me). I've read numerous posts on the anxiety board and I think my condition may be "derealization," but I don't know much about it.

When I speak to this abuot my doctor, she acts like I am making a big deal out of something that doesn't matter, and tells me to "drink more water" or "get enough sleep"; neither of which are the problem. I don't really know where else to turn, so if anybody can give me their opinion so I can get more information on this I would really really appreciate it. so so sorry abou the long post, and thanks so much for your help.

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