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Just an update - Monday I had a little bit of anxiety after lunch (which is normal for me, after eating and heading back to work I always get nervous) but felt good the rest of the day. I even went to a birthday party without taking a Xanax, big accomplishment for me.

Yesterday woke up feeling really cruddy - intense anxiety and feeling barfy. I took a Xanax and felt better for the rest of the day, but I was tired and had a little bit of dee ree in the afternoon. Then last night I was grocery shopping and got really anxious again so had to take another Xanax. So yesterday I was a little off.

Today I have felt really good all day except for my usual post-lunch nerves, but I am tuffing it out w/o a Xanax and it is already subsiding.

So, for the most part I think the Lex is helping, but I think the full effect won't happen until i am up to 20 mgs. Still, having anxiety for an hour or so a day is a VAST improvement over the constant anxiety I was feeling just a couple weeks ago!

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