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Hi everyone-

I started taking Lexapro a little over a week ago. Last week, the first week, I felt SO much better, I felt great. However, yesterday and today, week 2, I am feeling a little more anxiety and a little bit of nausea which makes me more anxious.

My question is, is it possible to not feel any side effects at first on lexapro and then develop them later? I realize I amy not get the full effect for up to 6 weeks, but I'm surprised I felt so good the first week I took it and now I feel crappy.

By the way, I am taking 10 mg a day.
Hey mjewell,

I don't take lexapro so I can't answer your question from a personal point of view, but my bf takes it (20 mg/day). He's been taking it since mid-July and still has days where he feels completely nauseated. He didn't feel like this when he first started taking it. It started probably a month into it. When he gets nauseated, he starts feeling more anxious too. He usually has a little something to eat or goes for a walk until the feeling passes. I wish I could help you out a bit more but I hope this helps. :)
I've been taking 5mg Lexapro for a little over two months now. I started on this low dose to minimize side effects. However, I don't think that I am taking it at the full theraputic dose that is right for me. I still have issues with anxiety and depression, but not quite as severe as it was before I started the Lexapro. As for side effects, I practically have none now. I did experience slight nausea at first, but that subsided. The only thing that I am experiencing still is vivid dreams, although even that is lessening over time. Right now, I feel as if I am taking nothing at all - just a placebo.
I would suggest cutting the 10mg in 1/2 and taking 5mg for a week or so, and then moving up to 10mg. That's what I did and it helped the anxiety, nausea and fatigue. I'm not on lexapro anymore, but it was a great med for me and I would try to stick it out if you are able.
Thanks for your responses. I will definitely stick it out as I still feel 100% better than I have in the last few months, despite having a couple bad days. I am going to stay at 10mg because while I don't feel as good as I did last week, my anxiety isn't unbearable or anything. If these are side effects they are pretty mild. I'm glad to have found something that makes me feel better. This is the third SSRI I've tried, so it gives me hope!
i am in my third week at 10mg. in my first week my anxiety was out of control...i hit rock bottom and had to go home from work sick midweek. the following two weeks have been somewhat better as i now have some days anxiety free. i was on lexapro some years back but jumped straight from paxil and had very few side effects. strangely my anxiety seems to be highest in the morning and virtually disappears by late afternoon. i remember feeling great on lexapro except for always being tired. small price to pay for the great results though. glad to hear your anxiety is getting better and side effects are minimal.
I had a lot of side effects when I first started taking it too. So I started really low like 2.5 and every week I increased 2.5 I'm now taking 20mg day. My life has done a complete 180 as far as anxiety goes. I'm so much better. I hope all works out for you.
i am very glad to hear everyones good responses from lexapro im strating mine tonight when im done excersizing at the gym.. i just pray i dont get the male sexual side effect that would suck bigtime...
Hi Mjewell, Keep on taking it. It sounds like it is doing you alot of good. I didn't have that side effect mine was the big D! It has gone away and I'm sure the nausea will subside. I am still on 5mg and will stay there unless things change. Best o luck! Jules :) :)
jules i have 10mg but im starting today im gonna only do 5mg a day to cut back on any side effects that may r u doing better on them?
Just an update - Monday I had a little bit of anxiety after lunch (which is normal for me, after eating and heading back to work I always get nervous) but felt good the rest of the day. I even went to a birthday party without taking a Xanax, big accomplishment for me.

Yesterday woke up feeling really cruddy - intense anxiety and feeling barfy. I took a Xanax and felt better for the rest of the day, but I was tired and had a little bit of dee ree in the afternoon. Then last night I was grocery shopping and got really anxious again so had to take another Xanax. So yesterday I was a little off.

Today I have felt really good all day except for my usual post-lunch nerves, but I am tuffing it out w/o a Xanax and it is already subsiding.

So, for the most part I think the Lex is helping, but I think the full effect won't happen until i am up to 20 mgs. Still, having anxiety for an hour or so a day is a VAST improvement over the constant anxiety I was feeling just a couple weeks ago!
jules thats good to hear that u r trying ti et the anxiety pass without taking the xanax all the time. my cousin takes xanax or clonopin when he goes out with me to a bar or we are hangin out having a few drinks but it seems as though he takes it so he can not be so anxious but i think he relies on them too much.
Mjewell, I think you'll notice with the lexapro that as time goes by, you'll need the xanax less and less. That is how it worked for me. I'm on zoloft now because I kept breaking out in the hives each time I took lex, but it worked great for my anxiety! Glad you're doing better!
That is so good to hear americandancer - that's what I ultimately want to do is get myself away from dependence on Xanax. It is a wonderful med but I really want to get back to only having to take it in particularly bad situations rather than every day.

I'm glad you are on something again too...we got too scared with all the Effexor posts! Hope the Zoloft is helping.
Thanks, mjewell. The zoloft is helping, I think. I really, really liked the lexapro. I think you will too. I don't get the calming feeling with the zoloft like I did the lexapro. But, I am going to stick it out this time. Yea, the effexor posts were terrible! I am just forcing myself to remember this time that everyone reacts differently to different medications. I knew I needed help and I figure I'll do what works now and deal with the rest later! (side effects, withdrawal, etc) We may not have anything to even worry about!
My dr. prescribed Paxil for PMDD. After a few weeks, I felt much better, then all of a sudden I felt flat. I felt numb to everything; so I asked to switch to something else. She gave me 10 mg of Lexapro. I've been on it 2 weeks, but don't feel any better. I actually think I feel worse... I stress eat more and feel more anxious than on the Paxil. I've heard people swear by this stuff, but honestly, I'm not at all impressed. Should I give it more time? I've taken Prozac (sarafem) in the past and it worked well, but the vivid dreams/nightmares became too much. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Anyone who has taken Paxil, did you experience the flat feeling and if so, how long until it went away? Or did it ever go away?
Hello mjewell,

Can you tell me what other AD's you tried?

Liz V.
Mini Horse Love - I troed Zoloft and Effexor. With both, my doctor didn't tell me the proper way to take them or schedule follow up appointments with me to see how it was going so i was pretty clueless as to how they were supposed to work. I don't think i took either of them long enough for them to be completely effective - I think 5 weeks was maybe the longest i took them. I didn't experience any side effects with any of them.
Hi Sunny27

I was taking Paxil a few years ago for about 3 mths then took myself two months to wean myself off. So about 5 months altogether. I explaind to my doctor the side effects I had starting it ,vivid horrible dreams a few nights, dizziness, nausea,(when the Paxil started working it worked well for me) I discussed with my doctor ,he told me that he could bring in 100 people who have not had any side effects from the Paxil. Well thats great for them I thought but regaredless of that I still was. Paxil when it came into effect was working , except the low sex drives. I was aware that one could feel "flat" and not have much in the way of emotions. So I made sure that once it started working I gave extra special attention to my family always telling them I loved them etc. I think that with me I would always read the side effects of the medications like we all do and then I would start to worry about them and look for every little thing and blow it out of proportion.I think that I should maybe not even read the package insert or look it up on the web because I freak myself out. Easier said than done as I started Cipralex 5 days ago and have read everything about it! Cipralex is the same as Lexapro, I have had some vivid dreams and dizziness and feeling a little off, not sick but just like my head is stuffed up. My doctor feels this is due to the fact I am diabetic ( my diabeties is well under control)but of course I know its nothing to do with that.Its a good thing my doctor is cute!. I have been less anxious today than yesterday but still not sleeping well. I am on 5 mg at this time and told my doctor I think I should stay at this amount to see if thats all I need. (I'm a big chicken when it comes to taking medications so I hope this amount will be okay for me.I feel better knowing I am not taking a full does and I think it will be less side effects coming/tapering off. So I think that if you are feeling "flat" that it should go away once your body has adjusted to the new medication.

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