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anyone notice sometimes they feel naseous and fatigued after eating, ive had 2 panic attacks both after i had just eaten anyone?
Yes, I find that eating sometimes sets off my anxiety. It usually is when I have the most heart palps. I have had my heart checked so I just ignore it for the most part.
Yep, I get anxious and panicky sometimes after eating because I associate being full with nausea and being nauseous makes me panic. If I am at home I', usually ok, although sometimes even at home I get anxious after eating. But restaurants or anywhere in public...yikes.
yea, when im a full, i do feel panicky and anxious, it feels like it effects my breathing, then i think about breathing, then just get into a panic attack,

i cant go to restaurents either,

but if i dont eat i get dizzy and light headed which also gets me into a panic attack, its trying to get the happy medium.
I had the same thing happen to me. My psych said its because anxiety has taken over your body :eek: and now you developed a phobia. :confused: Everytime you eat you will think about the anxiety symptoms and that will feed the anxiety. Unfortunately only meds can bring this type of anxiety down because your adrenaline level is so high. It took me almost a month to get over.

Also certain foods can trigger anxiety. Foods like: Caffein, sugar, greasy foods, salt. Try eating vegetables and baked foods, diet teas and water :bouncing:
Hi, I'm new to the anxiety board.

I've been experiencing this phenomenon lately (i.e. feeling extremely anxious after eating). My panic attacks have been worsening lately, but I'm not sure I understand this relationship between eating and panicking. I'll have to remember to bring this up to my psychiatrist.

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