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You mention that you wake up with daily headaches?? This can mean one of 2 things that I know( possibly many more)...
1. My mom and dad both have sleep apnea and before treated, wake up with daily headaches. My dad not so much, but my mom still has this.

2. Could be chronic sinusitis.. a nurse told me that daily morning headaches often signal this.

Did you ever get a copy of your thyroid results?? Many times you can still be in the lab ranges and still feel like crap. It is possible that whatever number you may be at, may not be suitable for you. If you can obtain a copy of your results, and find a doctor that is not lab range could look into getting some medication to help.. whether it be a T3( armour,cytomel)supplement or if you have subclinical hypothyroidism, a small dose of T4( synthroid, levoxyl).

Though when the body is stressed, alarming symptoms pop up with no explanation. It is possible that it is just all part of the anxiety that you are dealing with. I do wish you the best of luck and I hope that you can find some answers that may lead you in what direction that will help you the most.

Take Care

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