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I have been diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome - but i have always doubted the diagnosis. I have had brain scans, balance tests, blood tests and nothing could be found.

I keep thinking that all my problems/symptoms are related to huge amounts of stress/panic/anxiety - but im not sure if the symptoms i get can be caused by anxiety. Can you please help?

- i always feel foggy/spaced out 24/7.
- I cant concentrate on anything - i get frustrated/worked up/angry very easily.
- I am always dizzy/lightheaded, and i have times where i get small amounts of vertigo.
- I get symptoms of 'derealization' (when i look at my surroundings and environment they feel alien to me and i feel like im dreaming 24/7 - see here for explanation [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]
- I keep getting bad viral infections every year at the same time. Can anxiety and stress weaken the immune system? (or even make the immune system too strong - i.e. when a virus is picked up the body/immune system goes crazy)
- I get severe fatigue
- i am very irritable
- i am always on-edge, always worrying why i am like this
- i am depressed
- i am always frustrated because i cannot carry out tasks that i want to - whether this is working on a PC, going out socially, exercising etc.
- i have racing thoughts and cant relax
- i hyperventilate because my chest is tight - and this causes me to panic at times, and it also gets worst at night and stops me from sleeping at times. The panic is there because i recently had a virus which affected my breathing and i kept passing out - so i guess its in my sub-concious all the time.
- i get heart palpitations.
- im always obsessed with how i am feeling, will this make me feel better, will it make me feel worst.
- the foggy feeling / spaced out feeling is the hardest thing to deal with - its there 24/7. I have not felt normal for 2 years because of it.

Everytime i ask the doctors/consultants, they just blame all my symptoms on my CFS. Can anxiety do all of the above if its been left untreated for so long? ive been ill 2 years now - and nothing is making me better. Ive tried herbal remedies, cognitive therapy, graded exercise, pacing myself - nothing works.

is this purely anxiety on its own, or am i suffering from anxiety&depression because of the CFS symptoms i have?

I am going to see a shrink soon, and i am not taking any anti-depressants yet. My GP has offered prozac - but i dont want to get hooked.

Please help i am getting more and more depressed. i just cant cope anymore


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