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It started about 10 months ago after I stopped anti-depressants, I had many flashbacks and felt dizzy, couldn't sleep at night, felt depersonalized majorly. Since then, the dizzy and couldn't sleep at night has gone away for the most part, but the other symptoms remain especially the depersonalization. I also lack the judgement to adequately tell if I am improving. I sure hope that I am, but I don't know. During my first few months of withdrawal, I felt like I was losing my mind, but now I don't have that feeling as much anymore. But now my mind feels blank all the time and my brain just somehow works even though my mind is blank. It is just in a black hole, yet somehow going through the motions.

Right now my main symptoms are INSOMNIA, MEMORY LOSS, LACK OF FOCUS/ CONCENTRATION, irritability, ANXIETY, paranoia at night, full blown STRESS tiredness, low sex drive, Depersonalization, Brain fog / Weird feeling phobias, ocd, and unwanted thoughts. I was thinking about trying ad's but am super afraid of a bad reaction like I had to most of them. The only ones I would consider trying are lexapro or paxil at low doses. My therapist thinks that I only have hypochondriasis and mostly anxiety and the therapist also doubts that my problem could be anything else. I've never had the anxiety that bad EVER, for that LONG, with that many symptoms.....maybe it's just post-stress disorder or something. I'm not really antisocial and can be talkative but lately I feel like my mind just drifts off and I can't focus or remember anything. I'm only 16 years old and appreciate any support.

I am taking a multivitamin every day. Il feel WAY WORSE at night vs. in the morning for some reason. I AM AT LEAST 2x worse at night than the morning. MY BRAIN IS WAY MORE FOGGED UP AT NIGHT.

Right now I think I have a few options for my problem but my parents won't believe anything I say because my therapist keeps saying it's only anxiety. I feel really bad and need some help.

Here are the Options that [I think] could logically help determine the exact problem that I am experiencing:

1) Psychiatric evaluation.

2) Blood / Hormone / Endo. testing.

3) Try meds.

What do you think? I'm not fighting the problem I have, the problem is fighting me and forces me to feel weird. I just feel stressed out and just read that stress is linked to heart disease and alzheimers. I will probably end up with them since i've been so stressed out for about a year. I eat healthy, try to exercise, and am not in bad shape or overweight.

I'd Appreciate any responses.




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