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I have a great deal of muscle tension and tightness in my neck and shoulders as a result of my anxiety. I am a big baby when it comes to taking medication, and after trying massage, physical therapy, heat, and ice, it looks like I may benefit from taking a muscle relaxant.

Has anyone taken these that could answer a couple of questions for me? First of all, what do you take and how much? I definitely want to find something that is the absolute lowest dose that will provide relief with the fewest side effects. Also, when you take a muscle relaxant, how long do they work and how often do you have to take them? If you take them in the evening, how do you feel the next day?

I am not taking any other meds at this time. I have a prescription for xanax "as needed" but I am doing my best not to "need" the xanax and try other options for working through my anxiety symptoms.

Thanks for any replies.

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