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Hello Cheers and others,

I started on klonopin about two years ago after suddenly experiencing very anxious/panicky type feelings everywhere I went. I just couldn't shake the feeling of being uptight. I didn't have any thing out of the ordinary going on; I have two sons and a caring husband. I had been dx with a thyroid disorder which later I found out that; an inbalance with thyroid hormones can cause anxiety etc...

I had already been taking the klonopin for a while before I found out about the thyroid issue. When I first started on klonopin I took 1/2 mg. maybe 2xdaily. I thought it was a miracle; I was sleeping better and not feeling spaced out in the morning. That hadn't happened in a long time and I was able to do my everyday errands etc. I still had a major fatigue issue but that is due to thyroid/systemic mastocytosis (two diseases) that is another story all together.

I know there is talk of K being so addicting but I also know that my life would be functioning at about 20% as opposed to 75% without it. I have never used k just to use it. I have never needed more that 3mg in one day. Sometimes only 1mg a day. Everyone is different and for me it has helped. It has also helped my debilitating headaches. I still get them just not as often and they don't last for 3-4 days. I can't take many medications due to my rare disorder of systemic mastocytosis; Rash/hives/trouble breathing/headaches just to name a few.

For me I don't get too tired if I take 1mg. during the day if needed. Anyone with questions regarding klonopin (for best information) should talk to their Doctor. It is nice to be able to share information and get others opinions etc. on different medications etc..:) Klonopin in my personal experience has been positive. If I have had a bad day or I know things are headed to getting much worse or am actually in a panic I have taken 2-3 mg before and that was when I was at home and knew I would be able to go to bed.

Some people take up to six mg. daily and for them that is a perfect dose. It depends on your own personal situation. I don't have anything negative to say about this medication because it has helped me when nothing could and I was an emotional mess.

Take care I hope this was of some help:)

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