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[QUOTE=rj6445]My pcp had me on 300 of wellbutrin and ativan without much luck,so he added 10mg of lexapro. Has anyone taken this combo with success? I had asked about buspar but he said he has not had any luck with it on other people. any help would be appreiciated. thanks[/QUOTE]


I was on Lexapro 10mg, and it worked really well for me - but I didn't like the sexual side affects. I couldn't climax during sex anymore and that was really getting to me, plus I was gaining weight, so I decided to switch to WB. While I was weaning off the Lex - I felt really good on the combination of the two - they both work on different brain receptors and kind of balance them out. I think that if you added the 10mg of the Lex to the WB - you will very likely have a good reaction - alot of people do. I wanted to do that, but my doc is my GYN and he doesn't do combination therapy - he said I would have to go to a psychiatrist for that. So - I am on WB only now - but I do take 5-HTP (100 mg) at night with it - which also boosts your Seratonin levels, and I do feel good taking the two.

Hope this helps!
I don't blame you for getting off Effexor. From what I've read on these boards, it's not the best AD to be on. Lexapro is a great AD, and it worked very well for me, I just wasn't happy with the sexual consequences of taking it. If they can ever make a AD that works on both brain receptors and no sexual side affects - I think they would win the Nobel Prize!!

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