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OMG!! 1mg of Ativan is equal to 5 or 10 mgs of Valium??? Does that mean Ativan is really potent or that Valium is really weak in comparison? I thought they were very close in make-up(chemically)? I am more confused than ever now :(
thanx for the replies tho. I thought I could easily switch from one to another,but if the dosage is that different? Im not so sure?
My Dr's tell me that the recommended dose of Ativan is about 3mg per day. It is not uncommon for patients to take more though. Because Valium is in your body much longer, it tends to build up with constant use and is thus stronger. High doses of Valium (40mg-80mg) are not unheard of.....
Please be careful if you are considering taking these drugs and you are young. Dosage tolerance is very common. You start to get withdrawal symptoms between doses and feel the need to increase your usage. You can become very dependent on them in a few weeks time. You must taper off of them slowly to try and avoid serious withdrawal.
Ativan gave me back my life when I was hit with an inner ear infection. The anxiety and dizziness cleared up promptly when I started taking it. Now, after 2 years, I am weaning myself off and it's not as easy as I was led to believe it is.. Depression is also a side effect of benzodiazipenes. Not fun.....

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