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I just recently go tup enough nerve to go to the doc, he has put me on paxil and xanax. I am scared b/c he said to take it once a day. I started today and it has made me quite drowsy. I hope this doesn't last too long b/c it will effect my work. I am also scared about gaining weight b/c I am getting married next june and i have been trying to loose weight. I hope it helps but I also hope the side effects are worth it. ALso, wanted to ask, I am supose to meet up with some old friends for drinks this weekend, both say not to drink. Does anyone have any helpful info on this or has anyone drank while taking either meds? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance![/QUOTE]

Hi Mousse..I take Lexapro and Xanax. I have had no problems drinking on either of these, however if I take more than one Xanax and then drink (usually if I am in a particularly stressful situation) I almost ALWAYS get a terrible hangover headache. If you take too much of one or the other in combo it seems to make a bad hangover, but one xanax and a few drinks shouldn't hurt. I don't think the Paxil with alcohol will hurt either.

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