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Hi Laura:

Wow...I can sense your pain. I don't know much about vitamins other than a good multivitamin for women and maybe supplementing with a B-complex, and a magnesium/calcium/zinc combo. I also take fiber supplements and I feel they help with not only my digestive system, but I really think they help keep my weight down (but I do try not to eat too much).

I'm 46 and have had some of the same stresses you've had. I hope your daughter is doing okay. There is nothing like worrying about the people we love, especially our kids. It sounds like you've been running on adrenaline for awhile and now it's catching up to you. I think you are smart and brave to seek out help for yourself. Us moms always seem to put ourselves last, but our families need us. Getting older, in general, seems to hurt more. I hope you can find some relief soon.

By the way, I take Xanax as needed which is like Klonopin, and I take Soma at bedtime which is a muscle relaxer like Flexeril. I don't have to take Xanax all the time and I cut the pill in half so I'm not too sleepy. My combo seems to help me. I agree with your doctor about not taking antidepressants...I've tried many and they all caused me problems. You certainly don't need anything else to deal with right now.

Take care of yourself :)

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