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Hello everyone,
I officially have been dx'd with baseline anxiety today. I believe this has been brought on by numerous stressers that have been going on in my life this past year.

I have 3 children one of which has been battleing a cronic illness for alittle over a year now... which has lead us down a path of not only health worries for her but financial worries. I had to stop working to care for her, we than had a job layoff to deal with... and everything that goes with that.Things however,are finally looking up now. My husband has found a good job that he deserves to have. Finding a new career at 43 is not easy... my daughter is getting better.Finacially things are so much more stable than they have been in 2 years. I can finally rest my mind concernng quiet a few issues in our lives.

Sure I had my moments during it all. Nights behind closed doors where I cried and cried for my daughter and what was happening to her. But I never got sick, I never felt pain in my body. Even my gerd and stomach issues didin't bother me, nor my whiplash injury that usually gives me so much trouble when Im stressed, nor my TMJ. So now that things are getting back on track and this should be a happy time and a time for me to take a breather.....WHy the heck does my mind and body decide to turn on me!!

I have a rotater cuff problem that Iam being seen for in physical threpy...but this pain in my shoulder has now gone acrossed my upper back...into my other shoulder, down both my arms, My biceps and triceps hurt so bad. Under my armpits hurts, down the backs of my leggs spasm, my whiplash injury is flaring in my neck which makes it even hard to turn my head and touching it is out of the question...and my TMJ is back, my jaw hurts, ears ring and hurt..... ect ect ect.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo in the meantime Im thinking I have some very bad illness going on inside of me and make another appt with my PCP and maybe I will have some blood tests run to make sure Im okay. After talking to my doctor whom I really like, she tells me this is very common for people who have been through what I have been this past year. She thinks my rotater cuff problem is one issue and my pain and muscles spasms are all related to anxiety and that although Iam trying my best to handle it all on my own, that I may need more help and is referring me to a phyc and wants me to talk talk talk talk talk when I get there. WHich is tomorrow.

Im the meantime I am taking Klonopin. WHich I started about a month agao. SHe wants me to keep on that but does not feel I need to take any intidepressents at this time. Also she has given me flexeril for the muscles spasms in my back and neck. She said to be careful taking them together cause they will make me very sleepy so try to space them out. Klonopin already makes me sleepy so Im thinking Im gonna be a Zombie when I add the flexeril. WHich maybe I need for a couple days anyway...

What Iam wanting to know though is who can give me some good vitamin choices that have worked for you. I have never taken vitamins before and Im thinking maybe I should make this the start of a healthier me. Get into some couseling, get rid of some old bagage that has been following me around all these years, get out and excersise to take off these pounds that I put on after my daughter got sick,[B] except the docs dx's [/B] that all this pain is due to all my worry and Im not going to die anytime soon and show my kids and myself that I can do better! Im 42 and not getting any younger!! Sounds good in theory although implamenting it will be a whole other issue.

I think this post of mine has kind of turned into more of a get things out post. Thanks for letting me share this. It's been a difficult time and at times a person thinks that they may be lossing it all together....its a scarry feeling.

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