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Hey there! Im new to this site, but have suffered so many same things y'all have, so I figured we could help each other! I went thru a very, very rough time about 2 years ago--my depression & family problems just spiralled out of control...I left my husband in Florida & went to stay w/my Mom & twin sis in NY--they tell me they were so, so scared when I got off that plane!! I did not realize how bad I looked or how serious my illness had family was terrific to me--very supportive--but I needed a lot of help that only a professional could offer--I won't go into all the details--lol--that would make this post a novel!!!--but eventually I did get therapy & medication---I was on Klonopin & Xanax, in addition to antidepressants--I need the antidepressants all of the time--since 1996--whenever I go off them, in a matter of mths Im right back down in that darkest of pits. Anyway, because my anxiety was so severe, I too really liked taking Klonopin--it made feel relaxed & able to breathe! I worked at the time--[COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]--and to tell you the truth, there were days I really wondered how I was gonna drive myself home---it was thru the rough streets of Baltimore to boot! I got lost 1 nite & drove around, crying for over an hour--I finally realized I needed to ask for directions--I couldnt afford a cell phone--I was so scared I thought my heart was gonna beat out of my chest!!! all of these things escalated--my depression worsened--my children's Dad committed suicide, I had to have hysterectomy, my Mom had gotten breast cancer--GEEZE LOUISE!! I never had experienced so much trauma at 1 time--to make this story short--as time wore on, I continued on anti-anxiety meds--the problem is, your body gets used to them, & you get accustomed to feeling so much better, that you need a larger dose just to not go thru withdrawal...I know EXACTLY how you're feeling right now!!! Please remember ---it will not last forever--only a few more days--butr, more than likely your felings of anxiety will get worse before the body calms down--I still have a lot of same anxiety anf nervousness I had before, but now I DO NOT freak out about it--even if it wakes me in the middle of the nite--which it sometimes does--I close my eyes, breathe deeply, thank God for saving my life(( I was suicidal many times))---try very hard to re-focus--if you can read---I couldnt for a long time--do that--listen to calming music, take a slow drive((if not too upset!)..and tell your friends & loved ones how you feel--Im re-married to my husband--we were divorced for only 6 mths!!!---and he knows when Im not feeling the best--I tell when Im sad, anxious, irritable, etc---he is very supportive.---Soooo--after all this I really want you to know--Im here for you--I CARE!!! Its so hard to explain these problems to people who have never experienced them--and remember to see a psychologist or other mental health professional--not just your MD--they know how to help you--keep researching & reading about depression/anxiety--I learned a lot from others just like me--and the 1 thing to always keep close to your heart: This too shall pass!!!--I know there was a time when I didnt beleive that, but I did recover---and so will you....[COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] take care--God Bless Jonie[/COLOR]

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