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I don't know how long you have been on it and at what dose. I can say from my experience with xanax, that it sounds like withdrawal. Keep in mind, I don't anything about Klonopin, but I can relate to where you are at now with running short and being C/T. I also put myself in that situation. Some days the anxiety just never eased up, so I'd take two more than I should or whatever it took until I went to sleep for the night. Sometimes to save on the xanax, I'd take some Tylenol PM to try to knock myself out so the anxiety would end. Like you, I also ran short, had the embarassment at the pharmacy and also with my doctor. Although I was able to get an early refill since you can't C/T from Xanax.

Let me just say this though. That only happened to me once. Going through those withdrawals (I was C/T for 4 days) was the best thing that happened. I now truly appreciate how powerful the drug is, and never want to abuse it again. For example, tomorrow I should be due for a refill. This is the first time in two years where I do not need my pills tomorrow because I still have plenty left.

If you have an addictive nature, maybe you could ask for something else? If not, and you were like me, just taking more to rid of a day(s) of never easing anxiety, I would let the doctor know what was going on, and that you learned the hard way not to take more than prescribed, and ask what you should do if days like that come up again. My GP told me sometimes that will happen. To run short once or twice a year by several days isn't cause for alarm. It's when you're doing it every month, or are new to it that I think should cause you alarm as well as the doctor. These are just my opinions. I feel your pain, and if it gets to be too much waiting to see the doctor, see if you can find someone else or call the doctor and tell them how bad it is. Xanax withdrawal cold turkey was probably one of the worst experiences I've had. I brought it on myself though and learned my lesson. :nono:

Take care. It will all work itself out. Maybe try soaking in a hot bath with some Epsom salt. I don't know what all you are feeling, so this is all I can add at this point to help. It helped me a little. If its that bad, trust me, you'll take any little relief you can get. I'll be thinking of you.
Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. Yeah, I have been on it for a little while I suppose, off and on though. Some days I felt like I needed 2, other days, I felt like I didn't need any at all. It's the .5mg by the way, which doesn't sound like much, but when you take two, make that 1mg, I suppose it can be a lot, especially after a few days of not taking any, when the withdrawal happens. Well, like I said, I suppose there's not much I can do about it, except wait it out and try my best to get out when I need to, which is also very hard to do. I feel like I don't want to be seen, I don't want to communicate with anyone, and I just want to be here alone, secluded, and not have to face the world. I know that situation isn't good, so I will just try my best to face it and deal with it!

As far as looking into other meds, such as Xanax, I suppose it won't hurt to just ask about it, or see if maybe I should be on something different. I have been addicted to different(illegal) drugs before, so it probably isn't the best idea for me to be taking the Klonopin, but I don't feel as though I became addicted to it, and I feel that I have the power and the strength to keep it under control, even if I have a bit of a past involving drugs. But, like I said, I made the mistake of not talking to the doctor before taking more than prescribed, so now I'm an abuser in their eyes. Oh well, things should work out eventually, until then, I suppose I will just have to deal with it.
Thanks again, until next time, take care.
It helps, believe me. Of course is not as powerful as xanax or klonopin but it is supposed to substitute exactly that. My naturopathic doctor gave it to me as an alternative to xanax.
Notunderstood -please keep us posted on how you are progressing until your dr. appt., and also what happens at the doctor's office. If it gets too bad, please call your doctor. I don't know if its as dangerous to go cold turkey on. For example when I went C/T on Xanax (.5's 3x a day for 2 years), I had shakes, tremors, no sleep for 3 days (seriously), felt like lightning bolts going off in my head, tongue felt really thick making it difficult at times to talk, and the 3rd night I cried uncontrollably. I can see why they say its dangerous to go C/T. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. If you just want to talk, then please keep typing. I'll be checking in during the day from work. Take care of yourself and try to remain calm. The Ashton Manual (by Prof. H. Ashton-England) was written about benzo withdrawals. Alot of what you are feeling is uncomfortable and maybe even scary, but its to be expected. I think for me the worst part was not having a doctor on standby and having people freaking me out about how I should rush to an ER. Today is Wednesday so don't wait until Friday is over before calling your doctor if it gets that bad. If its like my doctor, the recording just tells you to go to the nearest ER.

By the way - did you ever think maybe your doctor didn't prescribe a high enough dose? I mean, I understand you took more than you should, but you weren't seeking a high or low were you? You were taking it for true anxiety?? If that's the case, that you weren't taking it just for a high or low but for true anxiety, I think you should discuss that with the doctor instead of feeling like you're some kind of junkie. My dose would knock some people out. For me, it doesn't do anything except take the edge off. My neighbor across the street who is female like me but much older, take twice as much as me and does fine where her dose would put me on my head. Know what I mean? If you weren't abusing it and truly felt you needed it, please hold your head high. Everybody's dosages are different. A .25 usually won't touch my anxiety. I do try to take less than my .5 by breaking it in 1/2, but if that doesn't help, then I take the other half.
notunderstood - i looked in the drug book since i'm not familiar with klonopin. it says xanax is a tranquilizer and klonopin is an anti-convulsant both of which can be presribed for anxiety. however, it does say klonopin should not be stopped abruptly, just like xanax cannot. "abrupt withdrawal can cause severe seizures, tremors, abdominal cramps, muscle cramps, vomiting and increased sweating". also, it says that people become tolerant to the effects of klonopin within about 3 months because of the body being more efficient in breaking it down, and eliminating it from your body. its says your doctor may have to raise your dosage to maintain the drug's effect.

Sorry, I was typing with one hand while holding the book open. If this is the case, its just what I went through doing cold turkey on Xanax. Please call your doctor today. I cannot believe your doctor would make you go through this cold turkey since it could be so dangerous. You shouldn't have to suffer. Personally, day three just about killed me. As soon as I took one pill, the symptoms diminished quickly. Had a killer headache still though, but at least the shakes, sweats and sleepness nights ended. Please call your doctor and ask them what you are to do. I know for me, I felt like when I called my doctor I must have sounded like an addict. However the fact of the matter is that unless you come down slowly, its not good so you have no choice but to take more until you wean down. I still to this day wonder if my doctor let me sweat it out so that I would never again take more than prescribed without telling him first. I was wrong and I knew it. I should have called him first and told him I was having persistent anxiety at the time and therefore was taking one or two sometimes a day more than allowed. :nono: :o

I am only giving you my opinion from someone who has withdrawn cold turkey like you are doing right now. Maybe for people who only take their medicine once or twice a week, this probably wouldn't happen. But for those of us who took it daily for a year(s), abruptly stopping is not good at all.
Hey there! Im new to this site, but have suffered so many same things y'all have, so I figured we could help each other! I went thru a very, very rough time about 2 years ago--my depression & family problems just spiralled out of control...I left my husband in Florida & went to stay w/my Mom & twin sis in NY--they tell me they were so, so scared when I got off that plane!! I did not realize how bad I looked or how serious my illness had family was terrific to me--very supportive--but I needed a lot of help that only a professional could offer--I won't go into all the details--lol--that would make this post a novel!!!--but eventually I did get therapy & medication---I was on Klonopin & Xanax, in addition to antidepressants--I need the antidepressants all of the time--since 1996--whenever I go off them, in a matter of mths Im right back down in that darkest of pits. Anyway, because my anxiety was so severe, I too really liked taking Klonopin--it made feel relaxed & able to breathe! I worked at the time--[COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]--and to tell you the truth, there were days I really wondered how I was gonna drive myself home---it was thru the rough streets of Baltimore to boot! I got lost 1 nite & drove around, crying for over an hour--I finally realized I needed to ask for directions--I couldnt afford a cell phone--I was so scared I thought my heart was gonna beat out of my chest!!! all of these things escalated--my depression worsened--my children's Dad committed suicide, I had to have hysterectomy, my Mom had gotten breast cancer--GEEZE LOUISE!! I never had experienced so much trauma at 1 time--to make this story short--as time wore on, I continued on anti-anxiety meds--the problem is, your body gets used to them, & you get accustomed to feeling so much better, that you need a larger dose just to not go thru withdrawal...I know EXACTLY how you're feeling right now!!! Please remember ---it will not last forever--only a few more days--butr, more than likely your felings of anxiety will get worse before the body calms down--I still have a lot of same anxiety anf nervousness I had before, but now I DO NOT freak out about it--even if it wakes me in the middle of the nite--which it sometimes does--I close my eyes, breathe deeply, thank God for saving my life(( I was suicidal many times))---try very hard to re-focus--if you can read---I couldnt for a long time--do that--listen to calming music, take a slow drive((if not too upset!)..and tell your friends & loved ones how you feel--Im re-married to my husband--we were divorced for only 6 mths!!!---and he knows when Im not feeling the best--I tell when Im sad, anxious, irritable, etc---he is very supportive.---Soooo--after all this I really want you to know--Im here for you--I CARE!!! Its so hard to explain these problems to people who have never experienced them--and remember to see a psychologist or other mental health professional--not just your MD--they know how to help you--keep researching & reading about depression/anxiety--I learned a lot from others just like me--and the 1 thing to always keep close to your heart: This too shall pass!!!--I know there was a time when I didnt beleive that, but I did recover---and so will you....[COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] take care--God Bless Jonie[/COLOR]

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