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hry, why do you suggest giving the ad's a rest for awhile? Does that make them work better to have "a rest" in between taking them? Just curious.
Today I went back up to 10mg's as my psychiatrist suggsted. I still feel horrible but am willing to give it a couple more days. I just feel like my anxiety is out of hand.

Before I started the Lexapro I was taking Xanax twice daily (.25mg's) and my doctor wanted to put me on something else, preferably an SSRI. He told me that if one doesn't work, that doesnt mean another one won't. I was terrified of them and had to really work up the courage to take the Lexapro but he said he wouldn't prescribe anymore Xanax until I tried another SSRI. He felt they would be a great deal of help to me. So far it hasn't. My psychiatrist is very understanding though and willing to prescribe the Xanax but I don't want to continue taking that daily. My anxiety has been so bad that I really do need it everyday. I can't leave my house without it and I can barely take care of my one year old by myself without it. My anxiety is out of control and I need more help. Thus, I'm trying Lexapro but so far no significant results.


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