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Re: Question
Oct 18, 2005
Anxiety can cause alot of things. So, yah I guess anxiety could cause sores on your arms or legs. Anxiety and stress can give someone acne and raise their blood pressure, . So i'm guessing it could be the cause of sore spots. Could you explain your condition a little better? Do you mean cuts? Or sore muscles, sore joints? You could have a pain condition such as Fibromyalgia, or arthritis. I'm not quite sure. If you give more info, people would be able to give you more relevant advice. Don't worry yourself, i'm sure you're not going to die or lose a leg or arm. Things will be okay. I have a whole bunch of potentially deadly health problems and i'm still alive. I'm 20 and have suffered from a rare blood disorder, pain, fatigue, confusion, internal bleeding, renal failure, numbness, tingling. And i'm still pushing on. I can't work or go to school but i'm still alive and i'm thankful that I am. I'm sure you will be okay, and if not, you dont have control over it so theres no use in worrying. But chances are you'll be fine so smile, relax and prepare for another beautiful day. If the pain continues you should talk to your doctor about pain medication.

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