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ugh i must be stupid......i have been having sharp pains that move to different areas of my body off and on for a couple weeks now,so i have been checking the heart disease forum because of this and also palpitations i have gotten in the past and a few here and there now anxiety is kicking in yet again because of the things i have read about young adults (im 31) dying suddenly of a heart problem!I also have a history of fainting my first episode was almost 12 yrs ago and 4 yrs ago i fainted several times.I know every doctor i have seen in the past 12 yrs has always said anxiety/stress but MAN this is wigging me out!I keep thinking this sharp pain which I have felt in my left hand,wrist,arm,left leg,twice in my chest,right agina.......I am so tired of worrying and worrying about my health and thinking im gonna die and leave my kids :( I take Lexapro.......but this stuff is sooooo scary
OHHHHH TNNNNN!.....I alsmost posted last night with the same feelings as you! I get so freaking sick of worrying about being deathly ill, cant take it much more. Im currently on Lexapro and xanax, not sure either one is working: :confused: hmmmm.....apparently NOT! If you come up with any solutions, please let me know. I honestly dont feel like this is the way to live the rest of my life, what tim ei have left anyway. Geeee, this sux the BIG one!

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