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[B]hi everyone i need help, last week after having n allergic reaction to advair and my throat was swollen, I almost choked on food from having my throat swollen, so the doc gave me prednsiole and that medicine created an enorumous amount of anxiety, the day I almost choked on food, I got so anxious and I havent been able to eat a full meal and that was a week ago, I am not sure what to do since i feel like something is stuck in my throat, doc said that maybe when i was choking the food cut my throat when it was going down, and that maybe thats what feels like a lump in my throat

anyway now I have developed this fear of eating and can barely eat I was in the ER all day yesterday and they couldnt find any throat obstruction, I get so panicky thiking that i will choke even while drinking a shake, its crazyy meanwhile the prednisole is not helping either I stopped it yesterday because I have been feeling so anxious and weird, spaced out feeling, also my chest was beating so fast and i took a toprol 2 days ago,

and now my blood prsssure is so low, and i feel a weak sensation all over, chest pains, which I am not sure if they are from gas, but anyway I am scared of eating and am so afraid of what could happen to me, I feel a tingling and numbness all over my head, aside form feeling scared of eating, the prednsisole makes me soo anxious, I am not sure if i should take xanax to calm me down, but that can lower my BP even more, please let me know what you gusy think, my anxiety has got the best of me and I need to start eating soon before i get sick i am sooo scared this is the worst anxiety i have ever had since it can cause me to die please guys let me know what i can do.[/B]

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