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[QUOTE=Serenstar]I went to the doc today for tablet repeats. There was a locum there and he flipped at the number of Xanax I am taking - which is 3 X 2 mg tablets daily.
I am a mess even on this - hanging out for the next permissable tablet.
I come from a really 'loose-wired family" he said; he said he is recommending that my regular GP send me to a neurologist when he comes back.
Prob because my sister is agrophobic and my mother suffers severe nerves and OCD and my brother is an alcoholic who has been in for 'drying out' more times than I can remembr.
This doc said I seem to know what I want - I want HELP with getting medications organized/ I even said to him I didn't think the Efexor was doing any good. But he said hang in and tell my regular doc when he gets back. What a waste - I have done that so now I will go back to the start and look for someone who knows what to do. I don't want to go on like a nerveous wreck all my life and I doont get enjoyment anymore - just wait for that next hit of Xanax to feel 'safe' again.
Should I just give up??[/QUOTE]

That is kind of alot. 1 mg. Xanax is comparable to 8 oz. of gin I once read. Sounds like you are building up a tolerance to it. There is a free online manual on benzos like Xanax called the Ashton Manual. The news isn't good but I assure you many people do recover from using benzos and are better off for it.

I'm not sure about the psychological aspect of your history other than it sounds like your whole family has followed a certain learned behavior or pattern so it would be hard not to be anxious growing up surrounded by that. But that would be for a therapist to know more about handling.

All I know is benzodiazepines can cause downregulation of GABA receptors in the brain, which will actually worsen anxiety over time, causing tolerance and withdrawals. Less(downregulation) receptors, less GABA. GABA is inhibitory and is responsible for calm nervous system and sleep.

Read the manual to get more information and good luck.

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