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I'm so glad I found this site. I've read through so many of the posts, and so many of them could have been written by me! :eek: In the past four months I've been to the ER four times, visited my Internal Specialist almost every other week, seen a gastroenterologist, and a neurologist(who did no testing other than a quick physical neurologic exam and didn't feel the need for any other tests, just told me to take the Lexapro) and have had many tests done, all coming back normal. I feel like I'm just going crazy wondering what's wrong with me and why no Dr. can find out. I've been diagnosed with anxiety, but I'm having such a hard time believing that anxiety can cause me to feel the way I do! I've had bouts with anxiety/panic disorder for about 15 years, (always treated with Xanax for a short time only and never with these particular physical symptoms) but I went through a period of about 7 or 8 years with NO problems and no need for any meds. Suddenly, four months ago, I noticed a swollen lymph node in the back of my neck. Had it checked, and Dr. didn't think it was anything to worry about. With a round of antibiotics it did go away in a couple of weeks. But, the anxiety didn't. I then developed many more symptoms that were just all over the place. Abdominal distress(feeling like I couldn't swallow my food all the way down),heartburn, muscle aches and pains and weakness, leg aches, headaches, complete loss of appetite, palpitations, earache, jaw pain, weight loss, neck pain, tingling in different areas (hands, feet, lips, ears) and just a general yucky, flu-like feeling throughout my body that sometimes leaves me unable to do anything but lay in bed. All this my Dr's can only attribute to anxiety. The feelings are off and on for the most part. Some days are good, some are horrible. My Internal Dr. gave me more Xanax, (0.25 twice a day) and wanted me to start Lexapro. I haven't worked up the courage for the Lexapro. I'm scared silly of taking it! I'm petrified of having severe (or even fatal) reactions to new meds. I'm lucky that I had already taken Xanax before and knew that I tolerated it well or I would be going through all this with nothing! I'm still worried that there is "something" that the Dr's are missing. I can't get over it. Each time a test comes back normal, I think of another test that should be done because that's probably where my "illness" is. Right now I'm having a pain in the front right side of my neck when I move it certain ways or when I move my tongue certain ways. Also, I get a bad taste in my mouth when I shift positions or move my head sometimes. I'm convinced it's a tumor or something wrong in my neck. I'm seeing an ENT tomorrow for it. I'm hoping he'll do a CT scan of my face and neck area so I can quit thinking that this is where my problem lies. I've had a head CT already that was normal, but they can't see your neck in those. I've had a C-spine X-Ray, but I think that only looks at your vertebrae right where it meets your skull. I've had an endoscopy, abdominal ultrasound, complete abdominal CT scan, and many blood tests. All normal, but I keep thinking of other things it could be. I feel so alone with my fears. I have a husband who is supportive but he doesn't understand the extent to which this hurts me. Thanks for letting me release some of my feeling here. By the way, I'm a 37 (almost 38) year old mother of 4 teenagers.

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