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[QUOTE=GatsbyLuvr1920]Cheers- I'm sorry I didn't answer your questions, but honestly, since I've only taken it once, the only side effect I felt was sedation, but no more than I did on the Zoloft, and I don't know the exact dosage- it's just one yellow pill, the standard. It's probably 5 mg, though. I don't take it on a regular basis like most people who are on benzodiazepines. I probably should- the directions on my pill bottle even say "take 1 pill 2-3 times a day as needed", but like I said, I just usually deal with my panic attacks. I should have probably taken one last night because I was upset and shaky, but I didn't. I realize that my story won't be the same as most of you guys because I don't use it as often- in fact, I only got my first benzo (Ativan, which didn't work whatsoever) this past June, and the Klonopin a week before I needed it to go to the dentist! Sorry if I seemed like I wasn't trying to comply with your questions! :D

Oh geez, no need to apologize!!!!

I know everyone is totally different..I was just curious as to what others do and how it effects them.

For me, I have no fear about the addiction part. I have done addictive things before and have made it thru much easier than what this anxiety does to me. Besides, my Dr says I can be on this the rest of my life and that would be just fine with him. Says it is a great drug. I took ativan for over 8 years (off and on and only as needed). I never abused it..never built a tolerance. So really, I have no fear of that stuff.

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