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Posting this here too. I posted on general discussion, but would love to get feedback here as well, as I'm suffering greatly: Here's the original post only modified a tad:

I have been so upset and anxious lately. My brother (52) died two months ago, quite suddenly of a heart attack. He was the last of my original family.
My family history isn't all that swell, you see.

I've had a lot of experience with doctors taking care of others in my family.. now all deceased.

I recently visited a cardiologist, for chest pains and labored breathing. I realize fully it could be psychosomatic, however my EKG came back quite
abnormal and my cardio doesn't like to answer questions... as if to say, "I'm the professional, don't worry your pretty little head... yada, yada" .

After overhearing him talk about the results, I've done a little research and it scares the beejuice out of me, frankly. (Understand I'm in a state of grief and anxiety as it is).

I have now scheduled an appointment with a new primary care doc. He's an internist. Since I'm not big on doctors anyway, I would like to develop a relationship with him before any examination process begins. I want to sit down and discuss my concerns, see if I like him before he lays a hand on me.

Is it reasonable to ask for purely consultation time first? IF I do feel we click, then I can have cardio reports sent to him as well. I'm schedule for an echocardiogram with the Cardio next week. All I want to do tomorrow with the new doc is "talk". Seems they want to get down to the nitty gritty, and I do understand that... but I want to interview him to find his compassion level first. Reasonable request?

Thanks for any and all responses... PLEASE! I can't remember being so upset and anxious and riddled with panic at times.

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