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Hey...Good post!

My anxiety can start with any symptom!!

If i feel dizzy, nervous, scared or lightheaded this seems to trip a switch in my mind which automatically triggers my other anxiety symptoms.

For example...........If i get dizzy, i think, oh no, here it comes again....and then i will feel nervous and then more dizzy and then my heart will beat fast which will make me scared so i get more dizzy.....the cycle continues......!!!

I often have this feeling of butterflies in my stomach, it then gets stuck in my head and triggers everything else! The dizzyness starts, i feel like the ground is moving and that im about to pass out!!! (Never have so far) I feel sick and cant eat, my heart beats really fast and hard, i get red hot and basically continue this cycle until it gets worse and worse!!!

The dizzyness is worse for me....i feel like im about to fall over. My vision seems to get messed up too. Like my brain takes a while to realise what my eyes are looking at!

My heartbeat really fast too and it scares me because i think im dying....this just makes everything worse and i get chest pain and everything!!

When all this stuff is going on i lose sense of everything going on around me. If i am talking to people i just want them to go away and im not listening to them anyway....all i am thinking about is looking for a comfy place to fall on when i eventually pass out!!!!


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